Energy efficiency financing - start making savings now!

Financing is available making LED lighting affordable for your Business.

Key Features & Benefits

Funding facilities from £10,000 to £millions
Anticipated energy savings offset the finance payments and enable the new equipment to pay for itself
The entire lifecycle of projects can be financed with terms of up to five years
Funding available for commercial, industrial and government projects

Our low carbon consultants will assist with ROI calculations when financing options, tax relief and energy savings are all added together
LED lighting retrofits pay back quickly, LED Lighting finance makes investment in LED lighting affordable by spreading payments linked to energy savings.

LED Lighting Finance can help accelerate your carbon reduction targets

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Easy, flexible and affordable

Trust LED offers easy, flexible and affordable leases, loan and financing options for all types of organisations seeking to reduce their energy usage.

Our new, more efficient LED lighting equipment will lower energy bills and, with payments calculated so that they can be offset by the anticipated energy savings, the financing option is designed to pay for itself.

The LED Lighting Scheme is available for all kinds of businesses and industries. Financing can be arranged from as little as £1,000, with flexible upper limits.

Reasons why you should choose LED lighting for business

1. Save energy costs, at zero extra cost… now!

Energy Efficiency Financing gives businesses an affordable means to invest in energy saving equipment straight away, with no additional cost. Immediate energy savings mean that your new lighting scheme will pay for itself.

2. Trusted brands, peace of mind

With financing provided by Siemens, you can be reassured you’re working with partners you can trust.

3. Energy savings and increased productivity

Businesses installing more energy efficient technology with Energy Efficiency Financing often also find that equipment is more productive, delivering energy savings and increased earnings.

4. Cash positive from day one!

Increasing numbers of businesses are discovering that with Energy Efficiency Financing, they can afford new equipment, and with the savings, become cash positive right from the start.
Energy savings pay for the cost of the equipment.

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Save energy costs, at zero extra cost… now!
Available finance for LED lighting for business
Trusted brands, peace of mind
Energy savings and increased productivity
Cash positive from day one!

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Savings on lighting costs

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Costs covered with funding

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Enhanced capital allowances

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