1200mm T8 LED Tube

4ft – 18 Watt
T8 LED Tube
(36 Watt Replacement)




Factories, offices, shops, homes, advertising boards


  • Energy costs Savings – up to 80% reduction
  • Maintenance costs Savings- Long life expectancy 50,000 hours, last over five times longer (10 Years)
  • Installation cost Savings – Will fit into existing Fluorescent Fittings
  • Use multi powerful LEDs as the light source, (8W – 36W)
  • Supplied diffused housings to prevent glare
  • No nuisance flicker or hum
  • No Delay Start; No Warm Up time. Reaches full light output as soon as it is turned on. Can be switch hundreds of thousand times


  • Light output 1800 Lumen Light level at 3 meters 300 Lux
  • SMD2835 LED chips powered by Integrated Driver Colour Temperature 5000K Colour Rendering >80
  • High quality construction Aluminium Housing Polycarbonate Diffuser Rotatable End Caps CE & RoHS ISO 14000 Approved
  • 240V 50Hz 0.90 Power Factor -40/+50 Ambient temperature

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