140 Watt LED Floodlight

LED Floodlight
(400 Watt SON / MH Replacement)




Factories, tunnels, gymnasiums, yards, advertising boards, buildings, lawns, garden designs and some other outdoor places where there is a need for Flood Lighting


  • Energy costs Savings – up to 70% reduction
  • Maintenance Costs Savings- Long life expectancy 50,000 hours, last over five times longer (10 Years)
  • Installation Cost Savings – Straight forward replacement for existing SON and Metal Halide Floodlights
  • Long Life Expectancy 50,000 hours. Last over five times (10 years) longer providing additional savings in maintenance costs
  • No delayed start up, No Warm Up Period, Reaches full light output as soon as it is turned on, Can be switch by light sensors.
  • High quality construction, CE & RoHS, ISO 9001, ISO 14000 approved
  • Use one powerful LED as the light source
  • 240V 50Hz, 0.98 Power Factor, 80/110 Lumens/Watt, -40/+50 Ambient, Colour Rendering > 70, IP 65


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