Schools across the country are making the switch to smarter, greener, brighter lighting with Trust LED and Eco-Schools.

Trust LED has become an affiliate partner of Eco-Schools, and together they’re working with schools to help them become more environmentally-friendly and make sustainability central to school life.

By replacing existing old-fashioned school lighting with state-of-the-art Trust LED lighting, schools can make energy use more sustainable, reduce their carbon footprint and see the proven educational benefits of brighter and better-lit learning environments. And by introducing good environmental habits early, they can help ensure that sustainable behaviours are carried through to homes and local communities.

Schools do not have to foot the bill for new lighting schemes. Costs associated with the lighting re-fit can be covered by Salix Funding which offer zero rated finance especially designed for schools, or with energy efficiency financing provided by the Energy Efficiency Financing Scheme offered by the Carbon Trust in conjunction with Siemens Financial Services. Finance repayments are designed to be offset by energy savings, so the new lighting will pay for itself. And subsequent energy savings can be re-invested within the school.

Eco-Schools works with a carefully-curated selection of companies, chosen specifically for their green credentials. So, it’s fitting that they’ve chosen to work with Trust LED, suppliers and installers of LED lighting that makes perfect business and environmental sense.

Macmillan Academy Middlesbrough and South Shields Marine School have already reaped the financial and environmental benefits of Trust LED lighting.

For further information visit our Eco-Schools partnership page.

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