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Taskers plc Energy saving LED lighting

For Taskers it was a no brainer as we are able to meet both our responsibilities to the planet and to the business, it is a real win win! We would certainly recommend Energy SSP to help you achieve this for your business.

Paul Schwartz, Financial Director
At Taskers we are in a climate of change both economically and globally. Aware of our responsibilities to both the planet and our business in these difficult times, we’ve been looking at many ways to reduce our carbon footprint and in the process reduce our ever increasing energy costs. One such scheme we’re rolling out at the moment is a switch to new LED lighting throughout our stores. Having completed the first stage at our Aintree store, the savings have been dramatic.

Having looked at many types of LED lighting before but not found any that were suitable; we were extremely impressed with the demonstration of Energy SSP lights and service. Every step of the way they helped us including help with obtaining a Carbon Trust loan to help finance the installation. At our Aintree store alone they are forecasting a saving per annum of 370 tonnes of carbon and a 76% reduction in our lighting costs following the replacement of nearly 2000 lamps.

The outlay was approximately £130,000 with a first year saving of about £100,000 when taking into account lighting, maintenance and tax.

Other benefits include a reduction in ongoing maintenance costs with each tube having a life span of about 16 years compared to about 3 years for a normal tube. The tubes start instantly and have no hum, flicker or glare and provide a more natural light which provides our customers with a nicer environment to shop in. They also don’t get hot which has the additional benefit of reducing air conditioning costs whilst improving fire safety too.

Yearly cash savings £20,678
Yearly Energy saved 184,794kw
Yearly Carbon saved 101 ton

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